jessica brancato

interior design ~ scenography ~ objects ~ furniture

this is also your skin part I

This is also your skin evolved from the study of the link between interior architecture and cinema: the decor. On the basis of the film Rebecca, the project focuses on the impact of ornament and how it can caracterize a space. Two models composed of ornamented layers form the architectural and symbolic character of a dual space: between a bedroom and a mausoleum. The progression to the bed leads to a view from behind the scenes, where the ornaments disappear while allowing for a new perception of the space. The ornaments of vegetal, mineral or animal inspiration are emphasised, constituting universal points of reference.

design, concept & production
Jessica Brancato + Amélie Freyche
photo credits Dylan Perrenoud
Geneva 2013/14

                                                                                                                                                              capture of the film Rebecca