jessica brancato

interior design ~ scenography ~ objects ~ furniture

the puppet master

Survival of the Fashionest presents The Puppet Master Collection, built around the theme of control, manipulation, and illusion. When the strings are pulled, the puppet moves in different directions and speeds creating life-like movements. It's manipulated to behave a certain way by a master who controls every single motion. Puppets are not only moving objects but are also a metaphor of the human behavior – society seems to control us as easily as the master controls the jumping jacks.

Joost Jansen
design, production & performance
Jessica Brancato, Joost Jansen,
Josefine Husted Meyer
text excerpt
Aryana Tajdivand-Echevarria
showroom Survival of the Fashionest, AW19/20
Paris Fashion Week 2019






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