jessica brancato

interior design ~ scenography ~ objects ~ furniture

slipping baths

Shipping containers are conceived as living units forming an autonomous community. Inspired by the social experimentations of the 70’s, this community questions our lifestyles by proposing alternatives. Slipping baths is a collective bathing space in which the inhabitant develops a ritual through different sequences. The bather starts to remove his clothes by throwing them through a wall. The space for bathing is made of an overall soap decor where the bather slips into a sensual and sensitive dance, pushing the limits of intimacy. A tunnel of floating towels dries the body before retrieving the clothes. The installation is evolutive and the erosion of the soaps reveals the community life over time.

design, concept & production
Jessica Brancato + Danja Uzelac
photo credits Régis Golay
exhibition The Commune
Paleo Festival Nyon 2012





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