jessica brancato

interior design ~ scenography ~ objects ~ furniture

BIG temple

For the 2nd edition of BIG (Biennale of Geneva's indepedent art spaces), the festival takes the form of an utopian and abundant garden-city built with shipping containers, hosting non-standardized cultural propositions. The collective GALTA presents an ancient temple ressembling a ruin as a reception pavilion. Taking departure from a neo-classic folly, which was originally inspired by a roman temple, the BIG pavilion follows the lign of antiques reinterpretations, between constructive and representative challenges. This architectural object, out of time and reality, is yet integrated in the BIG utopian community by its materiality.

concept, design & production
Jessica Brancato with Collectif GALTA
Event BIG, Genève
photo credits Aurélien Reymond
Geneva 2017




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